Adventures of the Mind Poster/Character Design

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If we think about our body , We find that our mind is very essential thing .what ever we do in day today life , every thing is is associated or we can say that functioning of that. Here some questions which you should asks to yourself and think on that – Is you really know about mind? What is thought & from where it come. How you can make a new good habit and leave bad one?

Mind is that part of a human being that thinks, feels, and wills, as contrasted /different with body. Mind is basically categories into three types: 1. Conscious mind 2. Sub-conscious mind and 3. Unconscious mind

Conscious mind is also known for activeness i.e awake and aware of his surrounding. With the use of conscious mind your mind consciously aware of what you are doing that is you are reading this article. Apart from this with the help of conscious mind you decides what is good/bad ,right/wrong . It is basically decision making mind means it decides which school/college or subject is good for you. Which friend is good/bad one. Which dress suits on you. Conscious mind does everything which you actively wants to do.

let us understand with an example – when you and your friends went to school first time your mind was very active-it take care of, from where you have to take turn , which path is right .But after months you did not care of ,you are start discussing some thing different like what is going in your school/life i.e your active mind subject is different but you reach correct destination , how it is possible?. Because at this time your another mind start working subsequently this is known as Subconscious mind. In your Subconscious mind that route is recorded so , even though you are not paying attention , your subconscious mind is active , leading the way to your school.

Rene Descartes’s

Illustration of dualism. Inputs are passed by the sensory organs to the epiphysis in the brain and form there to the immaterial spirit.

Dualism is associated with the thought ,which holds that mind is a nonphysical thing- and therefore, not spatial-substance which differentiate it from brain. Brain is basically physical part of your body.

Thoughts are basically energy( e=hv = mc2) as according to Albert Einstein total energy is conserved, it can only be converted one forms to another, but can not be created or generated so all thoughts which are coming to our mind are already floating around us so a thought is basically what our brain picks up from the environment. Our mind is basically like an antenna so once it is tuned to a particular frequency that thought hits our head.

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